Viva España!

Bernoulli Finance sets foot on the old continent

Atención, señores y señoras, we are now officially bicontinental! Last month, Bernoulli Finance opened an office in Spain, our first on the European side of the Atlantic. To be more precise, we have thrown our anchor in Tenerife, one of Spain’s seven Canary Islands, a place known for its year-round mild weather, magnificent outdoors, and sweet wines.

In the short term Bernoulli Finance-Tenerife will be the company’s main analytics unit, helping with projects for our clients in North America. In time, this office will spearhead the development of our nascent practice in Europe and the Middle-East. Any referrals would be much appreciated!

And if you happen to visit Tenerife - seemingly a trendy destination these days - please do think of stopping by our office to say hello!