Bernoulli Finance has been a great partner for my company. Besides structuring our financial system to be able to make better and quicker decisions, they have constantly accompanied and continuously assisted us in important decision making moments. If you are a small business looking for a CFO, I greatly recommend Anjali and her team at Bernoulli Finance.

Steven Sutton, Founder & CEO, Devocion

Bernoulli Finance has offered my small business incredibly valuable services such as big-picture planning, cash-flow management and oversight, to financial modeling. This is a team of brilliant, hard working professionals who respond to requests very quickly, and with understanding and empathy towards the small business person’s day-to-day challenges. I consider Bernoulli Finance to be a key player in my company’s success.

Tempe Reichardt, Owner, Gabriel Glas USA


Anjali gracefully educates, informs and mentors... I would recommend her expertise and services to any business owner looking to grow their business with a steadfast financial foundation.

Kristin Ahmer, CEO, The Original Squeeze Company


Bernoulli Finance's approach to intuiting small business needs and the foresight to ask laser-like questions that unearth the core company values is uncanny. Dedicated to an alignment of values, they work with clients whose company mission makes the world a better place, which is a rare find. I highly recommend their professionalism, ethics, work product, and process.

Maggie Spicer, Founder & Chief Creative, Whisk